What we do

The Pursuit of Excellence will operate across three key streams:

  • Co-Design & Development: Recognising the crucial importance of culturally competent therapeutic responses for Aboriginal children, the initial focus of PERCAN will be centred on the co-design of a high quality evidence-informed therapeutic response to Aboriginal children with abuse-related complex trauma, which can be adapted for use with non-Aboriginal children.
  • Apply & Evaluate: Therapeutic responses will be applied and evaluated in a practice setting to ensure these responses meet the needs of the Western Australian service context and client populations. This will ensure that frontline practitioners have the tools and information they need to effectively respond to the needs of vulnerable children and families within WA.
  • Workplace Capacity Building: PERCAN will provide access to high quality training in evidence-based practices for practitioners across WA. It will enhance the capacity of the existing workforce to provide therapeutic responses to abuse related childhood trauma and PTSD through tertiary certified workforce development.

This workforce development will comprise:

  • Low cost or free online short courses through UniSA
  • Supported virtual communities of practice
  • Sequential courses mapped to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Professional Certificate for each course

These activities will substantially increase the capacity of practitioners to provide effective intervention to child abuse victims across Western Australia. By focusing on treatment for children and young people, our aim is to prevent the lifelong and devastating impacts of unresolved trauma.

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Our aim is to prevent the lifelong and devastating impacts of unresolved trauma.